Meet the team



Sarah White

Marketing and Partnerships Schools and Colleges Manager

After graduating in 2007 and spending time teaching oversees, Sarah returned to the UK to further her career in the education s​ector. She has worked at the University since 2015.


Fiona Curry

Marketing and WP Schools and Colleges Manager

Fiona has worked to raise aspirations of students to HE for the past six years across the South East and West. She co-manages the team with a focus on the University’s Partnership Schools and Colleges.

Telephone: 01242 715217


Alice Vellender

Schools Liaison and Outreach Support Officer (Performing Arts and Liberal Arts)​​

Alice is a professional equity registered actor. She was cast in a film which went on to be nominated for international awards and won “Best film" at Calcutta's film festival.​​

Telephone: 01242 714528​​​