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Clearing advice for parents and supporters

Support your young person through Clearing

Applying to university can be a daunting time for students, and an equally daunting time for parents, guardians and supporters.​ It’s important to make sure that your young person is making the right decision, and we’re here to support both you and them through the application process.

If you’re a parent, guardian or supporter looking to support your young person’s application through Clearing, we have a number of Clearing resources available for you.

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If the young person you’re supporting has received an offer through Clearing, then check out our useful guide on the next steps.

Searching for courses in Clearing

We publish a list of all courses in Clearing so that your young person can see what’s available. If they find a course that they’re interested in, ask them to call us or contact us via live chat, and we’ll discuss the options with them. If they have their results and meet our criteria, we should be able to offer a place there and then.

There is also the option for your young person to select an integrated foundation year which we offer within some of our degrees. This is a good option if they haven’t met the entry requirements for a certain course, they can develop their communication and study skills whilst gaining a helpful introduction to their subject area.

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Clearing accommodation

There’s no need to worry about accommodation if your young person is applying for university during Clearing.

We’ll guarantee your young person a place in halls if they accept a place through Clearing and apply for accommodation by 25 August 2023.

Find out more about Clearing accommodation and get in touch with our accommodation team directly if you have any specific concerns or questions.

Student finance

It’s not too late to apply for student finance if your young person is applying to university through Clearing. If an application has already been submitted, it’s important to make sure you update this as soon as possible to ensure that the information is correct.

If your young person has not yet applied for student finance, there is still time! It’s important to make sure that you submit an application as soon as possible in order to receive the student loan when the course starts in September.

Get in touch with our money advice team​ if you have any specific questions regarding student finance.​​

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Can I discuss my young persons’s application with you?

We’re not able to speak to you regarding your young persons’s application unless they have nominated you on their UCAS form, or have provided us with permission to discuss this with you.

We can, however, answer any general queries you may have about university, the application process or Clearing and we’d be more than happy to discuss these with you.​

“I decided to go through Clearing as I was unsure what I wanted to do at the time. What I found helpful is that the university have good ties with almost all of the local landlords in the area making it easier to find houses if halls are full. I also liked that they rang me often while I was trying to find a house, just to update me – it helped make the whole process less stressful.”​

Zoe Carpenter, Animal Biology, Third year student

Still got questions?

Please get in touch on 03330 431 414 or click the speech bubble in the corner to chat to us online.