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How to apply through Clearing

If you’re looking to apply to university through Clearing, then look no further. Find out how to apply through Clearing below. 

How to apply for Clearing

View our step-by-step guide on how to apply for Clearing UCAS.

How to apply for Clearing UCAS

  1. Browse our range of courses available on our University website 
  1. Decide which university course you wish to apply for 
  1. Make sure you have received your exam results 
  1. Check your exam results meet the entry requirements for the chosen course 
  1. Contact our admissions team to discuss your application  
  1. Register and make an application through UCAS 
  1. If you’re offered a place by the University, you will need to login to your UCAS hub account and confirm your offer 
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Clearing application tips

How to add another Clearing choice on UCAS

To add another Clearing choice to your application on UCAS, you’ll need to:

  1. Login to your UCAS hub account 
  1. Head to your application 
  1. Navigate to the ‘Your choices’ section 
  1. Click ‘Add Clearing Choice.’  
  1. Add the details of your course. 

To note: You should only add a Clearing choice if you have spoken to a university and received an informal offer. 

How to accept UCAS Clearing offer

Once you’ve received an offer from UoG through UCAS Clearing, you will need to:

  1. Login to your UCAS hub account 
  1. Navigate to your application 
  1. Select ‘Add Clearing Choice’  
  1. Fill in the course details with the information given to you by the University’s admissions team 
  1. UCAS will contact the University to make us aware of your application 
  1. Acceptance of your application will appear in the ‘Choices’ section 
  1. UCAS will get in touch to let you know your place is confirmed 

How does Clearing UCAS work?

Clearing UCAS works as a higher education admission service between UCAS and universities, which is open between July and October. It allows students to apply later in the year to universities. 

How long does UCAS Clearing last? 

UCAS Clearing runs for 4 months, from July until October every year. The exact date varies each year depending on results day.

How much is UCAS Clearing?

There is no cost to apply for university through UCAS Clearing. It is a free service provided to individuals by UCAS and universities.

To note: If you have applied for one choice in your original UCAS application, you will need to pay an additional cost of £4.50 to apply through UCAS Clearing.

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