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UCAS Clearing Vacancies

Looking to apply to a course through UCAS Clearing? Discover University of Gloucestershire’s UCAS Clearing vacancies below.

Discover our UCAS Clearing vacancies and view a list of courses that are available to apply to during Clearing.

You can apply to any course from our list of Clearing vacancies once you have received your exam results.

You’ll still need to register and make an application through UCAS. If you’re not holding any offers from other universities, UCAS will provide you with a Clearing Number, which enables you to apply for courses through Clearing.

You can contact our admissions team by calling us on 03330 432 414 from Monday to Friday, 9am until 5pm, or speak to us using our live chat service on the website.​

Clearing list

View our Clearing list of courses available to apply to through UCAS Clearing below.

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UCAS Clearing places

Clearing places are usually available to view and apply for from 5 July to 30 September, each year.

Once you have found the course you wish to apply to, you can contact our admissions team on 03330 432 414.

Remember, if you are still awaiting your exam results then you cannot apply through UCAS Clearing until after results day.

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Useful Clearing information