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University Clearing

Discover all you need to know about University Clearing. 

What is Clearing University?

University Clearing gives students a chance to apply to university later in the academic year, usually between July and October. This service is offered through UCAS and universities.

It allows individuals to apply for a course if:

What is Uni Clearing?

Uni Clearing is an alternative term for University Clearing or UCAS Clearing. It is the same service described in the section ‘What is Clearing University’.

What is Clearing for uni?

Clearing for uni specifically focuses on securing prospective students a place at university, studying at higher education level.

Clearing for uni excludes students that are looking for a place at college or in further education.

Students celebrating University Clearing results outside telephone box

How does University Clearing work?

University Clearing works by allowing individuals to apply later in the academic year to university. Students can view courses that are available during the clearing period (July to October each year) and apply if they have received their results. 

Unis in Clearing

Between July and October, there are a range of unis in Clearing. The universities involved in Clearing will be located across the United Kingdom. For a full list of unis in Clearing, visit UCAS.

Useful Clearing resources