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Three students cycling through a forest

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5 tips to stay healthy on a student budget

Author: Jordan Renwick, second year Journalism student

Looking after yourself is just as important as that test you’ve got to study for – here are 5 tips to keep yourself healthy while sticking to a student budget.  

Vegetables and other food in a bag


If you impulse buy (we’re all guilty) make a list, stick to it. And do not, whatever you do, shop when you’re hungry. 


Cheltenham is a great walkable town. It’s easy to get around, it takes under an hour to walk from Pittville to Park Campus and around 20 minutes from FCH to Pittville.

Or why not explore some of the nearby trails? Leckhampton and Cleeve Hill are great in the summer to get your daily dose of some fresh air. 

Students enjoying views from Leckhampton Hill
Food prepared in sealable containers

Meal prep

Plan out your meals – if you know you’re going to be studying late tomorrow, make an extra portion today to save yourself the effort tomorrow.

Don’t underestimate the student staple: pasta, she’s versatile, she’s delicious, and she will get you through exam season.

Planning your meals will also help you reach into the freezer instead of for the takeaway menu, which we know stacks up the cost.  

The basics

It sounds obvious but make sure you’re getting enough sleep and drinking enough water.

It’s surprising how much of a difference just this makes. 

Water bottles, coloured orange, blue and pink
Students jogging around park campus

Park Run

Gym memberships can be costly, but exercise doesn’t have to be. Cheltenham has 2 free Park Runs and there’s more in the surrounding area to explore – all you need is a pair of trainers.

You don’t have to wait for Saturdays to have a jog around Pittville Park though – there are loads of beautiful parks and routes waiting to be discovered around Cheltenham.