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7 of the best Cheltenham cafes for your next study session 

Author: Jordan Renwick, second year Journalism student

Procrastinated all day, finally sat down at your desk and the vibes just aren’t right?

Don’t panic, head down to any of these pre-vibe-checked study spots, all with free wifi to guarantee you’ll be able to channel your inner Rory Gilmore and finish that assignment.

Café W  

What could be more motivating to read that textbook than sitting in a literal bookshop?

Open every day of the week, Café W has seating inside and outside on their balcony to enjoy in the summer, so you can catch that tan and the grades. 

Coffee in blue cup on table

Who says you can’t do uni work out of a café? ☕️ #Uni #UniTok #Assignment #Cafe #Coffee

♬ Can I Call You Rose? (Cover) – SOLOMON

Society Café

Serving speciality coffee and only in four locations across the South of England, Society Café is the perfect place for uninterrupted study time.

Across two floors there are plenty of opportunities to find the perfect spot.  

Boston Tea Party  

If you’re the kind of student who needs to line up the snacks to get you in the studying mood, then BTP is the place for you.

Aside from the hash browns being to die for, they offer a range of all day brunch options including vegetarian and vegan choices.  

Cup of coffee next to notepad

Scandinavian Coffee Pod  

For the coffee lover, the speciality coffee and the cosy Scandinavian style of the pod with just a few tables provides a quiet, still environment to get that assignment done.

Pastries and seasonal drinks are also available at this locally owned spot with outside seating in the summer months.

Suffolk Coffee 

Located not too far from UoG’s Park campus in (you guessed it) the Suffolks area, Suffolk Coffee serves locally sourced coffee, tea and treats, and is the idea off-grid space. With a dedicated laptop area, it’s the study equivalent of choosing the quiet coach option on the train.

Coffee with love heart in froth next to notepad and laptop
Black coffee next to sign which reads 'it's coffee time'

Guilt Trip  

With plenty of seating upstairs and sweet treats to get you through the worst of essays (and to suit various dietary requirements) Guilt Trip is a great place to set up camp and lock in a good few hours of hard work. 

Havanas Coffee  

For the Pittville resident who really should be studying but can’t focus at home, look no further than ten minutes from your door.

Independent coffee shop Havanas has got great coffee, a cosy atmosphere, and, it’s right up your street. 

Ice coffee in glass cup next to flavoured tea