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Armchair exploring: what’s in a photograph?

Lucy Clarke

With many of us unable to travel, we’ve started exploring the world through a virtual lens. But it’s already second nature for Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography, Dr Lucy Clarke, who has used digital tools to research and find new discoveries in inaccessible Antarctica.​

In the first of the new season of Living Room Lectures, Lucy talks about feeling connected to, and building a relationship with, distant parts of the world without ever having been there. 

Join us at 6pm on Wednesday 3 February. Part of the Living Room Lecture series, this short online presentation will be followed by a live Q&A. Please watch and submit questions during the lecture directly on the University’s Facebook page​. No booking or ticket required. 

Lucy said:
“I have always had a fascination with understanding how the world works, and in particular investigating the watery world, both flowing and frozen, using image analysis and GIS (Geographical Information Systems).”​