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Boost the skills of your workforce with higher and degree apprenticeships

Higher and degree apprenticeships are a combination of on-the-job training and studying for a higher level qualification, meaning you can develop the skills of your employees and gain instant commercial benefit.

Here Andrew Webster, Head of Skills in Business, explains the difference and how your business can become more productive and competitive:

“Higher apprenticeships, like traditional apprenticeships, combine learning in the workplace with learning ‘in the classroom’. There are lots of learning options available, including traditional classroom sessions, online study and blended approaches.

“Higher apprenticeships start at ‘level 4’ which is the equivalent to the first-year of an undergraduate degree. There are no formal entry requirements but generally we expect learners to have a level 2 qualification in English and Maths (GCSE equivalent). It is also important that learners are working in a relevant role so they can apply their new knowledge.

“Degree apprenticeships are practical degree courses which allow learners to combine the academic study from a traditional university degree with practical experience and wider employment skills. Degree apprenticeships finish at ‘level 6’ and add professionalism and credibility to your workforce”.

Higher and degree apprenticeships combine knowledge with the skills, behaviours and attitudes that you need within your organisation. Your people will grow and develop, and your business will become more productive and competitive.

Benefits to you

Andrew continues: “Higher and degree apprenticeships will start delivering results for your business from day one.  They will help you to attract a highly talented workforce, as well as develop and retain the talent you already have. 

“The University of Gloucestershire is already working with many local employers to co-create apprenticeships that meet their specific needs.  We have many years’ experience in delivering work-based learning so our apprenticeships are built upon tried and tested approaches that get the very best results.” 

To have a conversation about how higher and degree apprenticeships might work for your business, speak to Andrew today on 01242 715400 or email