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Pies laid out on a table

Glos Goss

British pie week

Our top picks

British Pie Week runs from 4-10 March and is a great opportunity to try some of the best pies across Cheltenham and Gloucester. We’ve picked our favourites here.

The Suffolk Arms, Cheltenham

Located only a short walk from our Park campus, The Suffolk Arms is a classic pub with great food and drink offerings.

They’re famous for their ‘Big Boy Pies’, with flavours ranging from chicken and mushroom to traditional steak. You can even try a ‘Pie Flight’, where you can get the best of both worlds and sample more than one at once.

Two pies served on a wood chopping board
A pie being served on a blue plate with a fork

The Bumblebee, Gloucester

The Bumblebee, a charming pub in Gloucester, features a weekly Pie Night on a Wednesday.

They offer up to five pies to choose from, such as chicken and pulled gammon, or roast turkey and sage. If you have more of a sweet tooth, there’s also banoffee pie on the dessert menu.

Plenty! Pies

Originating in Gloucestershire, Plenty! Pies are a local favourite and have even won top prizes in the British Pie Awards.

They’re stocked at a range of pubs and suppliers throughout the Cotswolds, but you can pick one up for definite at Stroud farmers market, where they have a regular stand every Saturday.

Check out where else they can be found on their Instagram.

A beer being poured from the tap

Sandford Park Ale House, Cheltenham

Traditionally known for its beers rather than its pies, Sandford Park Ale House offers some great local beers, but an even better daily pie! The flavour changes regularly, so it’s always a nice surprise to see what you’re going to get.

Gloucester services, M5

If you know, you know. Gloucester’s motorway services’ food offering is so iconic that we have students whose parents have said they only come to visit them so they can stop off here on the way.

It’s the poshest service station around, and the pies on the deli counter are one-of-a-kind.