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C11 Cyber Security and Digital Innovation Centre: Collaboration is key to cutting-edge innovation

As published in Business and Innovation Magazine

Collaboration is at the heart of how the University of Gloucestershire’s C11 Cyber Security and Digital Innovation Centre continues to advance the work of its member and office clients from its base in the Gloucestershire Science and Technology Park (GSTP) at Berkeley Green.

C11 offers easy access from the M5 and M4, free parking, and a 16,000sq ft workspace overlooking the tranquil River Severn.

The Centre provides firms with a secure environment, including purpose-built conference and networking facilities, incubation offices and cyber-forensic labs with high-spec PCs.

Now, C11 is turning to its clients to share the benefits of its partnership-driven environment.

Simon McWhirter, Head of Engagement for Active Building Centre (

“We aim to revolutionise the construction of the UK’s buildings so that they intelligently capture energy from solar or wind, and then can decide whether to use, retain or trade that power back into the market.

“C11 fosters many partnership opportunities and we’re already looking into biofuels with another company here, and working on upgrading existing buildings on site to net zero standards.”

Patrick Goodenough, Director of CamEra Group (

“We developed a handheld thermal camera product in 2003 for SARS to measure and record body temperature,” explains Patrick.

“The system was mothballed, but then COVID-19 happened and it turned into an incredibly busy year for us. Our products are currently monitoring up to 27,500 people every day.

“We’re particularly passionate about C11’s collaborative environment and are working with Aetek on potential aviation-links and Active Building Centre on facilities monitoring. Everyone here wants to help you succeed.”

Phil Curzon, Director of Aetek

Aetek, a specialist consultancy providing interior design services to global aerospace companies is starting to see signs of market recovery post-Pandemic.

“Our focus is primarily on Korean military applications, but we’re gradually pushing into the civil market. It costs upwards of $10m to develop and certify a new commercial economy seat and we’ve done a lot of learning to develop our own and other products.

“C11 has some very interesting companies. We’re working with Active Building Centre to identify items in the UK that could be exported to Korea.”

Gavin Powell, Technical Director at CGTech Ltd (

“CGTech Ltd is the UK office of the global CNC-simulation software company, and we focus on providing technical support for our UK and overseas customers.

“We’ve been based at C11 for two and a half years and are always keen to collaborate with other organisations here. We also have access to potential apprentices.”

Pete Barrett, Group Property Manager at SGS College Group (

With five and a half years at GSTP, Pete was involved in the original conception of C11.

He explains: “C11 provides an essential working space, allowing organisations to come together, and the University of Gloucestershire’s cyber skills link to all of the park’s activities.

“We’re envisaging the continued expansion of the park and are working with Active Building Centre to grow the low carbon cluster here.

Rayelle Pentland-Smith, Business Development Director at the C11 Cyber Security and Digital Innovation Centre, concludes: “It’s thrilling to see the collaboration between C11 clients and other GSTP residents.

“We’re now planning student internships with companies on site, network development links between engineers and University specialists, and also using C11’s super computing capabilities to support high volume data storage and analysis.”

To find out more about C11 contact us on 01453 707511 or 07912 770053 or email