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Cathedral Group Award Winners

Five University of Gloucestershire students have received awards from the Cathedral Group Careers Fund.

Cathedrals Group is a partnership of like-minded universities, of which the University of Gloucestershire is one, aiming to improve university participation and explore how higher education can help people and places thrive. Emphasis is placed on wellbeing, wisdom and wider potential, alongside academic excellence.

The Careers Fund is a grant available to graduates to support them in overcoming any issues that may be holding them back from finding employment, in addition to learning about graduate experiences and challenges.

Students had to send in a written piece or video explaining why they need the size of the grant they were requesting for, including a description on how financial support would support them in finding employment or realising their future endeavours.

Andrew Woolhead and Kelsey Greenaway are some of the students who received the award.

Andrew Woolhead said:
“Receiving the grant is a huge relief as I feel like I now have access to the tools needed to kickstart the next chapter of my life. I plan to use the grant to buy an indie license for a 3D modelling program and texture painting program, which were things I had access to whilst at university, but lost access to upon completing my course. With this I can work on my portfolio for future job applications or even start trying to become an independent asset creator and sell my work and creations online.”

Kesley Greenaway said:
“I am so grateful about being one of the winners! I plan to spend my funding on buying a new laptop to help me proceed with my Masters degree and continue my job search. I think what the Cathedral Group are doing is such a wonderful opportunity for graduates and especially in times like these! I am grateful to be a part of it and I’d like to thank the Future Plan team from the University of Gloucestershire for being brilliant and always thinking of us students!”