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Consultancy Development

Positive Leadership Practices

Bringing together philosophy and the study of business, the Positive Management Practices project examines how Virtue Ethics can help promote more ethical and productive organisational practices.

Work over a period of 15 years has examined how stories of good practice influence our behaviours in the workplace, the virtues of good leaders and managers as people working in organisations see them, and how we can encourage virtuous practices in our leaders and managers.

The project is currently focused on creating tools to support leaders and managers develop the virtues and the delivery of workshops using those tools.

The Human Resource Management Ethics Project

The HR Ethics Project monitors the landscape of ethical HR practice from the perspective of practitioners. Based on quadrennial surveys, the project has identified the areas considered to be of ethical concern in HR and is monitoring trends in their occurrence and severity of impact.

Identifying the drivers of better performance on ethical issues in organisations is also a central goal of the project. Currently organisational support, driven by senior leadership, and the setting of clear standards have been identified as key to ethical HR.

The results are disseminated through practitioner workshops, conference presentations, and research papers.

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by Dr David Dawson

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This research forms part of the Applied Business and Technology research priority area.