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Cyber Security – a very 21st century issue

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The University of Gloucestershire was the first to launch a Level 6 Cyber Security Degree Apprenticeship. Building on that experience it’s now preparing to take on its next cohort of learners in September 2021 and speaking to employers about the benefits of developing Cyber Security degree apprentices.

The apprenticeship programme is designed for talented career entrants and those already working in the industry who are looking to progress, and was developed in close collaboration with major public and private sector cyber security organisations.

Employers are able to access a dedicated apprenticeship support team, who are there to ensure that businesses get the best from both the apprentice and the programme. Upon completion, learners gain a BSc (Hons) degree from the University of Gloucestershire.

Dr Polly Pick, Director of Business Engagement and Partnership, said:

“Adding an apprentice to your team is hugely beneficial and also a great way to respond and adapt to the changes we’re all currently experiencing. At the same time firms will foster improved employee loyalty and discover new ways to grow and develop.

“The University of Gloucestershire’s versatile degree apprenticeships offer the opportunity to gain practical and technical skills for ongoing resilience and future growth. We look forward to speaking to organisations about how these programmes can help transform their operations.”

Professor Kamal Bechkoum, Head of School of Computing and Engineering said:

“Our Cyber Security Degree Apprenticeship was developed with the support of the Institute of Coding, and was the first in the UK to be accredited as Tech Industry Gold. The Tech Industry Gold accreditation ensures the programme is employer-defined and meets industry standards for content, delivery and assessment.

“We encourage employers to take full advantage of this route for developing much-needed cyber security skills in their workforce. As it is an apprenticeship, larger employers can use their levy funds and for smaller employers, the government pays 95% of the costs of training and assessment. It’s a win-win situation for employers and apprentices.”

Paul Crichard, University alumnus and BT’s Chief Security Technology Strategist, said:

“The practical nature is incredibly valuable. These apprenticeships don’t just reflect the needs of various commercial organisations, they also reflect the needs of a skilled individual today. The course encourages innovation and ability, whilst quickly providing value for the employer. The result is a well-rounded and effective cyber security professional.”

There are many good reasons for businesses to develop their cyber workforce via the University of Gloucestershire, including that Cheltenham is home to the National Cyber Security Centre and new Golden Valley Development (which includes Cyber Central UK). 

Employers interested in recruiting Cyber Security degree apprentices, or training existing staff, can find out more on the university website. Alternatively email

The university also offers BSc degrees in Cyber and Computer Security and Computer and Cyber Forensics plus MSc degrees in Cyber Security and Cyber Forensic Investigation (this course is subject to validation).