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Digital Marketing Degree Apprenticeship helps businesses recover from the pandemic

The University of Gloucestershire is speaking to employers about the benefits of developing Digital Marketer degree apprentices, as it prepares to take on its second cohort of learners.​

The Digital Marketer programme is designed to help businesses gain access to online marketing skills essential for success in the post-COVID world, with the next group of apprentices starting their course in April 2021.

While the world has been moving increasingly online for years, the pandemic is a watershed moment for the digitisation of world economies. Whether it be the demise of cash or the rise of AI supported services, it is almost certain that some of the changes brought about in the last year are here to stay.

Dr Polly Pick, Director of Business Engagement and Partnership, said:
“Almost without exception, organisations are finding themselves in a position of having to reengineer how they do business to maximise opportunities available in the digital world. This is particularly true when it comes to marketing, as evidenced by the fact that many businesses that traditionally have very deep pockets when it comes to outdoor and point of sale advertising are instead opting for online channels, for obvious reasons.

“The University of Gloucestershire’s Digital Marketer Degree Apprenticeship launched in September 2020, and equips learners with the latest skills and expert knowledge, so they can help organisations navigate this fast-changing online world and reap the benefits. Apprentices put their newly-learned skills into practise in their workplace from day one.

“Larger organisations can fund these apprenticeships through their apprenticeship levy, while smaller employers are entitled to government funding.”

Dr Dominic Page, Head of Business School, said:
“Our Digital Marketer Degree Apprenticeships are a great way for organisations to boost their digital capabilities. As well as giving learners a solid grounding in the theory that underpins good marketing practice, we also equip them with knowledge of the latest trends in key areas such as social media, e-commerce, and customer relationship management.

“Unless a business makes a concerted effort to keep developing their staff and stay abreast of the latest marketing trends, they can quickly get left behind. This was the case before the pandemic but it is truer than ever now.”

Employers interested in recruiting Digital Marketer degree apprentices​, or training existing staff, can find out more on the university website. Alternatively email​