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Is drumming the secret to a healthy body and mind?

Currently touring with Sham 69, Robin is stepping into the spotlight for The Chemistry of Drumming, a joint lecture between the university and the Royal Society of Chemistry on Wednesday January 28 at Oxstalls campus in Gloucester.

Dr Steve Draper, Principal Lecturer in Sports Physiology, will be exploring the science behind drumming, discussing the chemistry that underpins the art form and how it may be the secret to a healthy body and mind.

“Promoting science has always been a passion of mine,” said Dr Draper, “and I was delighted to accept the offer to present this lecture. We are delighted to welcome Robin Guy who is a fantastically talented drummer to demonstrate his skills and the physicality of his art. Please join us if you like your science loud!”

The Clem Burke Drumming Project was founded in 2007 by legendary Blondie drummer Clem Burke with Dr Draper and Dr Marcus Smith, with the aim of investigating the physiological demands of rock and pop drumming.

The lecture is from 2pm until 3pm at LC003. Spaces are limited but to book please email or telephone 01242 715148.