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Electric transport

Electric transport is the future and linked to the IoT (Internet of things), is shaping the way people live, work and travel.

When mated to active smart homes and offices that are powered by clean energy, this is framing and directing Keith’s research into a multi-disciplinary approach that combines cloud computing, Big Data, clean technology and mobile telecommunications under the generic umbrella of ICT.

With more than 25 years at C-Level, I am a senior practical and academic manager specialising in technology start-ups, working with early stage companies both pan-European and Internationally.

Keith has worked with international start-ups including Orange Plc, Hubco and Anesco, all pan-European and Internationally successful. Beside having a first rate and extensive international profile, Keith enjoys mentoring, inspiring and teaching early stage engineers and managers, encouraging them to exceed their own expectations, then go on to enjoy hugely successful careers.

Keith ChamberlainPhD Research Student – Engineering Technologies