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Enjoy a journey of discovery in public lecture at University

Professor Jenny Hill will take her audience on a journey across the world in her inaugural public lecture entitled ‘Landscape of Learning: My Adventures in Higher Education’ at University of Gloucestershire.

Head of Learning and Teaching Innovation at the University, Professor Hill is inviting guests to travel with her through her 25-year career in Higher Education as a geography academic and leader of professional development and educational quality. 

The public lecture takes place on Wednesday, 6 July between 6.30pm and 7.30pm at the University’s Park Campus. Tickets for the public lecture are free but must be booked in advance.

The journey will begin in the tropical forests of West Africa, quantifying the impacts of forest fragmentation on tree species diversity, before heading around the world to learn about nature in the rainforests of Australia and Peru, to understand how scarce water resources can be used sustainably for agriculture in the deserts of Tunisia, and finishing with geoecology in the arctic-alpine environment of the Jotunheimen mountains and Norway.

Working in partnership with staff and students, Professor Hill’s research journey has been one of immense personal discovery, informing her approach to teaching and learning, and developing in her a desire to undertake educational enquiry and to inspire others to be scholarly in their practice.

Professor Hill will demonstrate how her learning journey has inspired her towards more participatory and courageous approaches to teaching and learning, developing students into confident young adults who are prepared for their own life-long adventures.