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Free lecture – Exploring the diversity of UK bees

Female student in lab coat looking at lab sample.

All are invited to a free online lecture ‘Bobs and the Bees: Exploring the diversity of UK bees’ at 3pm Wednesday 14 April.

Bobbie Hemmings, is studying for an MSc Applied Ecology at the University of Gloucestershire, but she is also a bee expert, nature communicator, and a rising social media star.

Bobbie Hemmings said:
“Do you like bees? Of course, your do! Bees are hugely important and incredibly diverse, there are over 250 species in the UK.

“My talk will take the listener on a tour of the incredible diversity of UK bees, looking at different species and habitats. Pollinators are essential to nature, human beings and the planet, and bees are a huge part of that. By communicating about bees to as wide an audience as possible, we can help bees survive and thrive.

“I’m studying Applied Ecology because I want to gain the practical skills needed to survey, conserve and protect our UK wildlife, as well as learn how to communicate science to others in engaging ways.”

Bobbie’s talk is organized by the RSPB and the ‘Back from the Brink’ campaign, and is just a click and buzz away but please pre-register for the talk here.

You can follow Bobbie on Twitter @Bobsbeehunt