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Gender, Power, Age and ‘Care’

This research cluster aligns under the themes of Social Work: Gender, Power, Age and ‘care’.

A key theme in the work of the research group concerns Social Work and the interaction of issues of power and issues of ‘care’ as they are manifested at many levels. The concepts of ‘care’ underpins the experiences, everyday realities and focus of social work practice, but increasingly this is manifest as a ‘crisis of care’ in terms of both our professional interventions and the context in which they take place and the issues facing our increasingly fragmented communities.

As researcher-practitioners we are seeing increasing levels of risk in the community and our work is wanting to address and engage with this as part the critical space for the group’s investigations. Under the theme of age are seeking to investigate both older and younger people in relation to issues of gender and power. At this stage we have identified developing research from our group in relation to young people and particularly young men in crisis, issues facing informal carers, issues facing women and isolation, as well as older people and provision of formal care. We are aware that these themes are starting points for our research cluster and that this focus will develop over time, but which is a narrative through which we hope to organise our engagement with future REF submissions.

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Group Convenor, Dr Stephen Cowden,

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Group Convenor, Prof. Ros Jennings,

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This research forms part of the Society and Learning research priority area.