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I feel supported at the university every single day

​​​​​​​”I decided to study at University of Gloucestershire because of the amount of support available for international students. I feel supported at the university every single day. The Helpzone is there for any question I might have and we also have our accommodation manager and security, which are available 24/7. I would say this community is very welcoming and gives a feeling of a safe space. The university buildings are new and fully-equipped for studies and the location is very convenient.

I am really enjoying my course. The modules are very thorough and contain not only theoretical materials, but also give students an opportunity to participate in events and field trips which are an essential part of learning. We have been on multiple class trips to different events and hotels. It is a vital experience to see how venues operate and you also get a chance to meet different managers and organisers, who are usually behind the scenes. I am currently doing my 30-hour placement for one of the modules; volunteering at local events to greet people and show them around. It is very rewarding to see people come out of the event smiling and happy. I am planning to do an internship in Spain for a month in summer and it is great that I can have this opportunity through the university.

My lecturers are the best. I feel very welcome and I can tell that they are genuinely interested in my progress and are so passionate about their teaching. Most of them have and can give actual real life examples of whatever they are teaching which I find very important. I know that I can ask for their opinion and advice on almost anything and they will be able to help. I genuinely enjoy my sessions with my personal tutor; we discuss my life in the UK, how I am getting on with balancing university and work and I can reflect on my journey with them.”

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