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I fell in love with the university on an open day

​Rhiannon is in her third year of the BA (hons) History course and is hoping to go on to study an MA at the University of Gloucestershire.

“The University of Gloucestershire is a real centre-point for history, that’s what attracted me. The lecturers all know you, you feel part of a team. They see you as colleagues rather than students.  I fell in love with the uni on an open day, but the offer holder day sealed the deal – I confirmed my place with UCAS on the drive home. I knew it was the right place for me.

When I moved here, I was so engrossed I forgot about homesickness. However, the pastoral care is incr​edible and I feel like the uni really cares about me as an individual.

I was always a fan of 1920s America and saw myself as a 20th century historian. However, the course has forced me out of my comfort zone (looking at the 14th century and the Rennaisance for example) which was really challenging but has made me a much better student and historian. The lecturers really support you and will help you find placements and things. They really care that you’re okay and want to find things that interest you. They’ve all got their own specialisms and encourage you to discover and pursue your own and will engage with you in your love.

I also want to do my MA here. We are in small classes so you form a camaraderie with the lecturers as well as the students, you become friends with them.

I used the Your Future Plan portal to become a student ambassador. I wanted to become an ambassador because they were so good at the open day. They wanted their visitors to engage with the students and I want to share my passion and enthusiasm with future students as they did with me. I want to pass on my positivity to others. With history, you can go into anything, the analytical skills I’ve gained are irreplaceable. I’m currently thinking of becoming an archivist or analyst.

Since coming here my confidence has blossomed because I’ve been pushed out of my comfort zone, making university more enjoyable and open to more opportunities.”

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