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I made friends for life in Malawi

​​​​​​​​​​​Sports Malawi is a partnership between University of Gloucestershire and agencies in sport, education, outreach and Development Malawi.  It’s open to all students including those studying Sport, Performing Arts and Education.

Josh, Sports Coaching student:

“I’ve never really been out of my comfort zone. I have been on holidays with the family etc but it was never that far and not away from my parents for a month and to be with totally different people that I don’t really know. I didn’t really know what I was going to experience out there. For me it was just an amazing experience.  I led the sports coaching workshop. What we set out to achieve was definitely achieved. We could see the clear development from when we started the workshop on the first day to when we finished on the fourth day.  

I’ve definitely made friends for life.  I had no use of a phone, I could hardly contact home, we had only one hour of wifi a week.  So what you’ve got there is just yourself, the other students and staff members so you have to talk. We played endless games of cards.  There were times where it would get dark early in the evening so we would just sit outside and look at the stars. It was honestly an amazing experience and you will definitely make friends for life, they are like a second family.”

Lizzie, Sport and Exercise Science student:

“We did three workshops, one workshop on outreach and another on sports coaching and another one on education.  Going into to it I was absolutely petrified. I was like, I want it to go well but will I fit in, will I miss home?  The whole group said I had the biggest transformation, I’m a lot more confident and I speak my mind a lot more.”


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