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Interactive exhibition hosted by University of Gloucestershire design students takes place next week

​​Visitors will be encouraged to take part and interact in the exclusive interactive exhibition which takes place from Wednesday 22 January at 6pm at the Design Centre at Park Campus. ​

A group of MA Graphic Design postgraduates from the University of Gloucestershire have adopted the name ‘Patchwork’ reflecting the diversity of skills and disciplines that have been merged together to create this novel artwork. They specialise in different areas of design such as typography, graphics, animation, photography and crafts.

Within the exhibition, they will be presenting their vision of sustainability, the environment and the future in novel way to the public.

Viewers will be invited to touch the orange squares for a little surprise…

There will be more sneak peaks and information about the event on Facebook @Patchwork2020 and Instagram @Patchwork_2020​ ​

Admission is free and the exhibition will close on Saturday 25 January.

John Symonds, one of the students involved in the exhibition, said:
​“The exhibition and first research module have provided lots of stimulus and this has aroused my interest in ‘Design Thinking’ which will probably be the choice of subject for my dissertation. The creative skills required for Design Thinking can be applied to solving everyday social, organisational and environmental problems and I can see that there will be lots of exciting opportunities now that there is a growing public awareness of sustainability issues. My fellow students are of the same opinion and this will be reflected in the work on display.”