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Intersectionality and crime fiction

On the literary/textual side, Charlotte is currently working on two interrelated yet distinct projects which focus on crime fiction and its engagement with wider public debates around feminism, intersectionality, race and decolonisation, and sexuality.

The aim with Charlotte’s research is to explore the capacity of crime fiction to explore change through its foregrounding of transgression and alignment with current debates around decolonisation, feminism, and intersectionality. This ongoing research project is underpinned by two single-author scholarly monographs. Charlotte’s book Crime Fiction in the Age of #MeToo is currently in progress and her other monograph, Intersectionality and Decolonisation in Contemporary British Crime Fiction, was published in January 2023. Charlotte is also delivering keynote lectures and conference papers to disseminate this research.

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Research project lead: Charlotte Beyer

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This research forms part of the research priority area, Culture, Continuity & Transformation.

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