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#IWD2023: celebrating the inspirational women of #UniOfGlos

International Women’s Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women around the world.

Within University of Gloucestershire, there are countless inspirational women who have made a significant impact on the institution and the wider community. These women have worked tirelessly to promote gender equality, diversity, and inclusivity, and have been a driving force behind many positive changes. 

The inspirational women of UoG 2023, honouring International Women’s Day.
The recreated image of male students and their lecturer from 1923 from UoG Archives
The recreated image of male students and their lecturer, circa. 1923 – UoG Archives

We are extremely proud to be an institution full of wonderful women and to show our appreciation, we asked our university community to nominate women who have had a positive impact on and pioneered change at #UniOfGlos. To commemorate International Women’s Day, we have recreated a photo from 100 years ago on Instagram with the nominated staff and students and have listed the reasons below.

Paige Archer

Activities & Opportunities Officer

Paige is such an integral part of the Students’ Union, she is a role model to all of the students on how to lead with confidence and empathy. Paige’s efforts to help students during the cost of living crisis is just a tiny example of how amazing she is. She spearheaded the Community Cupboard project to help students struggling financially access food and sanitary products, free of charge and no questions asked.

Dr Liz Berragan

Academic Subject Leader – Postgraduate Health and Social Care Practice

Liz’s work to create a safe and supportive working space demonstrates her mindful approach to leadership. She is consistent in her ability to give both support and feedback in a way that allows staff and students to feel safe in her work areas, allowing both to flourish, innovate and grow. Her research centres around simulation-based education, giving our students the best quality of teaching.

Denise Cain-Jones

Library Manager

Denise is an integral part of the university’s library provision and for years has inspired staff and students to achieve their best in their studies and professional lives. Denise often leads and champions art exhibitions in Cheltenham library spaces and plays a key part in driving equality in our recruitment efforts within our Library, Technology and Information sector.

Anne Dawson

Head of School of Creative Industries

Anne is a great advocate and mentor for all our students and the School of Creative Industries. She is an active champion for women within Creative Industries and is a source of great advice in dealing with difficult conversations and situations, that others would struggle with. “Anne really is a role model for others within the school and has a great desire for what she does – keep trailblazing Anne Dawson!” said one of her colleagues.

Nat Drake

Technician Demonstrator (Health and Social Care)

“Nat is a hero! She champions equality, positivity and high standards. She is a joy to be around, filling the halls on campus with laughter and good energy. Nat also has a great work ethic to make every day awesome. Her dedication to training students is so inspiring. Being a paramedic student is hard and having Nat has made my experience so special.” said one of her students

Siobhan Ellis

Social Work Student

“Siobhan is so inspiring, she makes me want to be a better person!” said one of her lecturers. Siobhan is passionate about her involvement in social work and being a pioneer of change within her community. She is an advocate for activism within her cohort and her openness has been inspiring to her fellow students. Siobhan is also a part of the University’s annual panel of students celebrating IWD at our Oxstalls campus.

Jo Evans

Head of Employer and Employability Engagement

She is an inspirational leader who champions diversity and leads with empathy. She spearheads initiatives that empower underrepresented groups, fostering a culture of inclusion and promoting opportunities for all. Her empathetic leadership style earns her the respect and admiration of colleagues. Jo Evans sets a shining example of the positive impact diversity and empathy can have in the workplace.

Tracey Flesher

Student and SU Staff

Tracey is a heroic force of nature who fully embraces both social and academic aspects of university life. As a single parent caring for her three school-aged children with neurodiverse needs, she forges excellent relationships with staff, supports teaching activities that promote student enjoyment of learning, and tackles challenges with indubitable belief. Tracey is the epitome of positivity and a true inspiration.

Prof Abigail Gardner

Professor Of Cultural Studies

She is an inspiring woman who delivers ambitious research-based projects both internally and externally. She is a valuable teacher in her field and approaches tasks, challenges, and interactions with confidence, sensitivity, humour, and a down-to-earth attitude. Her consistent source of inspiration makes her a real asset to her school and university. Her role is integral to maintaining an inclusive and supportive environment for staff and students.

Clair Greenaway

Senior Lecturer in Events Management

Clair is an inspirational teacher who tirelessly works to improve the student experience. She cares deeply about her students and always makes time for them, despite her own challenges. Her unwavering passion shines through in her lectures and her contributions to the university as a whole. Clair deserves recognition for her outstanding commitment to everything she does.

Eleanor Hill

SU Education and Community Officer

“As an international student, I was really nervous about moving to the UK and starting this new adventure. She organised events which made me feel like I had found a new home on campus. She is such a delight to be around” said one student. Standing for inclusion and equality of educational experience through improving UoG’s efforts to decolonise the curriculum and develop integration strategies for international students.

Prof Jenny Hill

Head of Learning and Teaching Innovation

Jenny is very passionate about her role and makes sure everyone thrives in achieving their ambition. She takes time to help and support those wanting to develop and improve. Her insight into teaching and learning is incredibly insightful and she is an asset to the university.

Prof Sarah Jones

Pro-Vice Chancellor Academic Enhancement

Sarah joined the University in October 2022 as the Pro Vice-Chancellor for Academic Enhancement and Research. She hit the ground running and worked tirelessly with multiple teams across the university to highlight UoG’s work through a submission to the Teaching Excellence Framework. Sarah strives for UoG research to become sector-leading and continuously improving.

Daisy Kent

#GlosAlumni & Marketing & Student Recruitment Assistant

Daisy has been described as the ultimate ‘Girl Boss’ by her colleagues. During the day, Daisy helps thousands of prospective students by representing UoG at internal and external events. At night, she is a female music photographer in a male-dominated industry and champions making the industry more accessible to women of all backgrounds. Daisy has snapped the likes of Same Fender, Bleachers and Carly Rae Jepsen. Recently, Daisy was nominated as Music Photographer of the Year by So Co Music.

Louise Livesey

Senior Lecturer in Criminology

“Louise is an amazing woman. She has been a hub of support at the university for both students and staff. Her collegiality is something we should all aspire to. As an educator, she goes above and beyond in helping students make the most of their studies, running mini-writing retreats and helping them secure voluntary work. Her work around sexual violence is immensely valuable within her sector.” said one of her colleagues.

Alicia Mascall

Academic Skills Adviser

Alicia has been supporting students with their degrees throughout their time at the university. Her input, patience and advice have been invaluable for the students on their journey. One student said: “I have nothing but gratitude for all her hard work. This nomination is by way of a huge thank you as we have built a strong bond over the years. She is truly a heroine.”

Louise McCart

LTI Adviser

Louise is the glue that holds the library team together. She makes sure the department runs smoothly through her day-to-day tasks and provides emotional support for others in her team. Louise is a conscientious individual and one of the university’s biggest models of excellence in her role, who rarely acknowledges her own achievements. This is why she is a heroine!

Kim Pugh

Administration Manager

Kim is an admirable woman within her team and is a role model to her colleagues. She provides unwavering amounts of support and helps others, with a keen understanding of her role. She makes others around her feel at ease and always has people’s backs in different situations. Kim is a reliable & hardworking manager who always puts her team and others first.

Jane Robinson

Digital & IT Trainer

She is an inspirational figure who has been helping staff and students with their IT queries and training needs for 14 years. She is the friendly face of the IT and Library department and always willing to help. After going through breast cancer treatment, she rallied colleagues to do a charity walk for breast cancer support, and that group has become great friends who still meet monthly for walks. Jane is a shining example of how we can all make the world a better place.

Emma Rose

Senior Lecturer in Occupational Therapy

Emma’s remarkable success at the university includes designing and developing the new BSc Occupational Therapy course, approved by the HCPC and RCOT in 2022. She skillfully manages complex co-production projects and brings new placement opportunities and partnerships to the course development process. As course lead, Emma inspires colleagues, balances responsibilities with teaching delivery, and contributes to the growth of the Occupational Therapy course.

Lucy Ryder

Student and member of the Women’s Football team

She is an outstanding student who has shown tremendous initiative and determination in her first few months of university. Lucy’s willingness to take on new challenges and push herself out of her comfort zone is truly inspiring, and it’s clear that she will continue to achieve great things both academically and athletically.

Emma Smith

Head of Communications and PR

Emma Smith is an exceptional and impactful leader at the University, known for her passion for sharing knowledge and communication. Her ability to inspire and motivate others is unmatched, and she has nurtured the talents of many young professionals through her mentoring. Her contributions are highly valued and deeply appreciated by her colleagues.

Gunjan Tariyal

MBA Business administration student

Gunjan is an exceptional international student who inspires her friends to take bold steps towards their goals. She has a successful YouTube channel that provides advice and mental health tips to international students in the UK. Gunjan’s dedication to empowering others is truly commendable and makes her a standout individual in the international student community.

Beth Timmons

SU Welfare and Diversity Officer

Beth is an inspiring Welfare and Diversity Officer, representing over 9000 students through the Students’ Union. She leads campaigns and lobbies on their behalf on matters related to mental health, diversity, and inclusion. Beth is also a director of the charity of the Students’ Union, making important decisions related to finance and overall running of the charity. Her dedication to improving the lives of students is truly commendable.

Nicole Warfield

Residential Support Officer

As our RA officer, Nicole helps hundreds of students feel at home every year. Moving away from home can be daunting but Nicole has gone above and beyond to make the transition as easy as possible. From providing students with resources around mental health, organising events and being available when a good old chat is needed. One student says: “Seeing Nicole on campus is like getting a hug from your mum, our flat loves her and we always look forward to her check-ins as we get to chat and relax.”

Diane Williams

Student Administrator

Diane has been an inspiration for others in the Exams and Awards team. She is a wonderful person who is always supportive and helpful with other colleagues. She inspires and teaches others in her team new skills every day and is a person you can always rely on. Diane is a ray of sunshine and is always working with a big smile on her face!

Krystal Williams

Cyber Security Student

Krystal has had a big impact on the LGBTQ+ society of the University regarding Trans conversations and issues. She has spearheaded protests regarding these conversations and brought more awareness to Trans rights within the wider community. “They are an amazing woman and deserves the recognition for her efforts. They are a great example of how a woman acts and is an inspiration for others.” adds one of her fellow students.

Dr Demelza Jones

Academic Subject Leader: Social Sciences

Demelza is a true inspiration, managing the Social Sciences team with calm and always being ready to offer support and advice. Her focus on solutions and helping individuals and the team keep going is commendable. In addition to her professional achievements, she is also actively involved in the university’s sanctuary scholarship scheme, providing opportunities to those most in need, while also raising two children. Demelza’s dedication, hard work, and caring nature make her a role model for us all.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, it is important to remember that the fight for gender equality is far from over. Despite the progress that has been made, women still face significant barriers and obstacles in their personal and professional lives. By highlighting the incredible contributions of these women at University of Gloucestershire, we can inspire others to continue the fight for a more equitable and just society. 

The University is fortunate to have so many inspirational women who have made significant contributions to the institution and the wider community. As we celebrate International Women’s Day, let us honour these women and their achievements, and let us continue to work together to create a world where all people, regardless of gender, are valued and respected.