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A virtual reality breakthrough

Jordan secured a role with outside broadcast company ‘Telegenic’ shortly before his graduation at the University of Gloucestershire in November 2018. 

After completing his probation period in January he was asked to join the Vision Department and take the lead on a number of projects including guaranteeing the facilities provided for the recording of a mainstream cooking show for BBC One.

 Jordan then went on to a new project with BT Sport in April, where he worked on one of the first tests of a fully virtual reality (VR) broadcast of a Champions League semi-final between Tottenham Hotspur and Ajax and the VR coverage of the Champions League Final in Madrid.

 “Following on from my work in Madrid I was put forward by one of the lead research and development staff to work at Wimbledon 2019 to operate and manage the Telekart, a large touchscreen golf cart used for interviews and analysis by presenters and guests.

 I hope my story might inspire others as all I did was have a strong determination to achieve my career plan to get myself where I wanted to and once I got there, I made myself invaluable so I could hold a secure job and future career in the industry.”

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