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Journalism lecturer publishes memoirs

The memoirs of journalism lecturer Rachael de Moravia tackle the stereotypes of the ‘military wife.’

News From The Home Front, covers her experiences of writing and working in journalism – but also her life as a military wife with her husband serving as a flight lieutenant in the RAF.

Something that Rachael wanted to address was the stigma associated with being a ‘military wife’. The term is something that she feels has been misunderstood and a stereotype that needs revising. She said: “Behind the phrase ‘military wife’ we aren’t just women who bake cakes and sing in choirs, we have our own lives and jobs too.”

Rachael said: “I’d always wanted to write a novel so it was good to finally write it.” She described writing it as a ‘real conflict’ as she grappled with all elements of her life. Describing the writing method, she said: “The process of writing your memoirs is a really intense process as I struggled with my identity. It was really difficult but something that I also enjoyed too.”

Before becoming a lecturer, Rachael worked as a feature writer with the Financial Times, a magazine editor and a radio news presenter. She’s written features, essays, fiction, and poetry for UK and international publications and now she has put pen to paper for her latest venture.

You can read an excerpt of the book here.