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Migration stories from across Europe showcased on MyStory Digital Storytelling website

​Tales about Eid, Christmas, mixed marriages and ADHD. Stories about being adopted, brave Eritrean aunts and grandfathers in the Foreign Legion. Teenagers’ lives in their own words. From the UK, Austria, Italy and Hungary, young people have produced 80 short videos on ‘food’, ‘family’ and ‘festival’

This is the culmination of a €237,000 Erasmus + two- year funded project involving secondary schools, universities and NGOs. The aim was to understand ethnic and cultural diversity within the EU and show the stories that are testament to the complex webs of travel, migration and family that are at the centre of many European lives.

Dr Abigail Gardner, a Senior Lecturer at the University of Gloucestershire is the project co-ordinator, she said:
“The website showcases the creative work of young people across Europe. The stories spotlight different voices, traditions, cultures and memories, sometimes traumatic ones. Linked by the project theme of ‘family, food and festival’ the project is testament to what we have in common. The stories are a different way of mapping Europe. They chart personal histories of migration, family and home and show how diversity and migration are common to many of our lives.”

The project team has been led by the University of Gloucestershire and includes St Edwards Senior School (Cheltenham), The University of Graz (Austria), the International Bilingual School (Austria), The Rogers Foundation (Hungary), Baross Gabor School (Hungary), The Centro Per Lo Sviluppo Creativo ‘Danilo Dolci’ (Italy) and Regina Margherita School (Italy).