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Film students win big at Royal Television Society awards

A team of Film Production students from the University of Gloucestershire have been named the winners of three awards at the Royal Television Society awards for their graduate film, ‘Paper Round Boy.’ This is the third year running that students from the University of Gloucestershire have secure a win at the RTS national student awards.

RST Student Television Awards 2021 Winning "Paper Round Boy"
RST Student Television Awards 2021 Winning “Paper Round Boy”

The group took home the awards for Undergraduate Production Design and Undergraduate Scripted and one of the students, Ted Box, received the award for Undergraduate Camerawork. The judging panel gave Ted warm praise for his work, saying: “Nice lighting and framing really helped to bring this story to life. Very well shot. The jury were very impressed by the talent of the cinematographer.”

George Stickley and Richard Skull’s work in ‘Paper Round Boy’ secured them the win for Undergraduate Production Design. The Royal Television Society commented on both of their work and highlighted that: “The jury loved the design and look of this short film, great costumes helped to combine with the art department on a very impressive looking film.”

The group of students behind ‘Paper Round Boy’ (George Stickley, Anastasija Pcelinceva, Ted Box, Millie Bennett, Richard Skull and Brandon Thompson) won the prestigious award for Undergraduate Scripted.

The RTS West of England Student Awards celebrate the best student talent in the region, and this year received a high number of entries. This is the 26th year of the RTS Student Television Awards, which recognise the best audio-visual work created by students at undergraduate and postgraduate level, demonstrating strong storytelling, innovation, outstanding visual and aural creativity with high quality craft skills.

RST Student Television Awards 2021 Winning "Paper Round Boy"
RST Student Television Awards 2021 Winning “Paper Round Boy”

The Royal Television Society admired the film, saying:

“It’s a sweet, big-hearted film, with a witty and original script. Beautifully shot and designed with a wonderfully nostalgic, almost retro tone. Fantastic characterisation and endearing performances from the central duo made this a real standout for the panel.”

George Stickley the director of ‘Paper Round Boy’, said:

“Myself and the whole crew are so thrilled to have all our hard work recognised by RTS! It wasn’t an easy task working with two young lads but they did such a wonderful job and I’m so grateful for my team and the positive, fun energy they bought to set; making the entire process so enjoyable! A huge thank you to everyone on our side at the University of Gloucestershire who gave us endless support the whole way through.”

Mike Parker, Course Leader Film Production, said:

“I am thrilled that our talented students work has been recognised at this prestigious event. It is a credit to their creative skills and the teaching on the course that the team also won craft awards for Cinematography and Production Design. I like to thank the amazing Film Production academic staff and the technical team supporting them, whose dedication and hard work enable the students to achieve their full potential.”

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