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Pedagogic and curricular research

Deconstructing Semantic and Iconic Representations of Evolution in Children’s Literature

Although Darwin’s theory of evolution is accepted by the scientific community, there is still ongoing debate about how it should be taught within schools. Working in collaboration with colleagues in Canada, this study analyses how key concepts of evolutionary thinking, such as survival of the fittest, are represented in the burgeoning number of picture books on the topic.

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Project lead, Dr Eve Tandoi

The Role of Assessment Feedback in Academic Buoyancy

This project focuses on the everyday challenge of academic assessment, and argues that academic buoyancy is a key factor in academic success. To scaffold students’ learning, there is arguably a need for a better understanding how students use and respond to feedback in terms of what they think, feel and do. The findings have implications for the provision of assessment feedback in higher education.

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Project leads, Dr Adeela ahmed-Shafi, Tristan Middleton, Richard Millican & Sian Templeton

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GLOWMaths works with successful established mathematics communities across the region including local schools, colleges, the NCETM, Universities, CPD providers and employers to ensure all pupils, teachers and leaders have access to support, research and innovation that will improve the enjoyment and achievement of mathematics.

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Project leads, Ruth Hollier, Emma Howell, Jackie McNeil & Michelle Walton

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This research forms part of the Society and Learning research priority area.