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Performing Shakespeare talk

In honour of Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary, University of Gloucestershire professor, Dr Paul Innes, discussed the Bard’s work at The Anthology independent bookshop in The Suffolks area of Cheltenham on 20th April.

His topic covered what Shakespeare’s plays meant at the time they were written and how they were performed on stage in public performances at the time.

Dr Innes’ became hooked on Shakespeare when he was a university student and was asked to write an essay on one of Shakespeare’s sonnets. He continued his research into Shakespeare and branched out into the works of his contemporaries.

Dr Innes is a member of the British Shakespeare Association, the Shakespeare Association of America and currently delivers lectures, seminars and tutorials in Shakespeare and English Renaissance Studies; the Modern Novel; and Modern Drama alongside supervising research in Shakespeare and Renaissance Studies.

He always teaches this material in ways that make it as accessible as possible to students in this day and age given that Shakespeare died four hundred years ago.

Further information about Dr Innes’ research into Shakespeare.