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A picnic rug on the grass with food and drinks on a wooden tray.

Glos Goss

Picnic spots in Cheltenham and Gloucester

Our pick of the best places to go

It’s spring, and as summer approaches, so does the good weather (hopefully). We all know that means looking for a picnic blanket and raiding the shops for perfect snacks. But where are the best places to picnic around Gloucester and Cheltenham?

Cooper’s Hill

You may have heard of this hill before in relation to the annual cheese rolling event held at this very slope. With an incline averaging at 45 degrees, it’s a steep walk but the views are worth it (if you go for your picnic on 27 May you might even be able to add an additional 4kg of Double Gloucester Cheese to your picnic basket!).

St Oswald’s Priory

If you want a little less physical activity to get to your picnic spot, but still want unique views, then St Oswald’s Priory is the perfect spot for you. Walk just a few minutes from the famous Gloucester Cathedral and you can sit among historical ruins that are almost 1200 years old.

Westgate Park

Westgate Park, AKA The Boating Lake, is a 5-minute drive from Oxstalls Campus and stretches out over 9 hectares along the banks of the River Severn. With a paved path and designated picnic area, this option is a favourite among families and students.

Cleeve Hill

Every student living at Cheltenham has heard of Cleeve Hill. Plenty of wildlife can be seen from the top (I once saw a deer) and the panoramic view of Cheltenham makes it the best sunset spot. If you’re feeling athletic and fancy the walk that takes just over an hour, go for it! If not, try and befriend someone that drives.

Pittville Park

Pittville Park is much closer for those staying at Pittville Campus, just a 2-minute walk and probably a place you already frequently visit. Here, the swans are the much-loved residents of the lake. Also, at the Pump Room, a monthly Sunday artisan market takes place inside, and if you run out of snacks there’s always a café at either end of the park for you to refuel.

Sandford Park

Everyone picnics at the Imperial and Montpellier Gardens and while these are great spots, they tend to get a bit crowded when the good weather hits and the picnic baskets come out of the cupboard. So instead, why not try Sandford Park? With the River Chelt running through this quaint, lesser-known park, and trellis decorated in blooms, you can beat the crowds and still enjoy a picnic surrounded by ornamental features.

Park Campus

Living at Park Campus? Then there’s no need to venture any further – bask in the sun in the greenery by the woodland walkway or sit on the benches around the pond and watch the wildlife as the squirrels scurry about and the ducks dive into the water. At this time of year, you may have the goslings eyeing up your lunch!