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Postgraduate student Aimee features in painting for Royal Geographical Society

University of Gloucestershire postgraduate student Aimee Morse is proud to be featured in a specially commissioned painting by the Royal Geographical Society (RGS).

Aimee is among nine individuals portrayed in a portrait by artist Steve Russell entitled Zoom that recognises the achievements of researchers, explorers, teachers, students and professionals in sustaining their work for the geography community and the RGS during the Covid-19 pandemic.

As Chair of the RGS Postgraduate Forum, Aimee led a series of online events enabling the geography community to share their research and learning while they were unable to meet in person during the pandemic.

These events included a Creative Research Week, a Twitter Conference, the Postgraduate Forum’s annual Mid-Term Conference and a Geography Awareness Week in collaboration with the American Association of Geographers’ Graduate Student Affinity Group.

The portrait is displayed in the RGS reception at its headquarters in Kensington Gore in London.

Aimee said: “I was honoured when the RGS Director, Professor Joe Smith, contacted me to ask if I would be happy to be included in the Zoom portrait to commemorate the RGS’ work throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, as I had worked so closely with them to support geography postgraduates.

“I felt really proud when I saw the portrait in person for the first time. The painting was unveiled online in October, but until recently I hadn’t been able to view it personally. It was a very special moment.

“It is absolutely amazing to be recognised alongside other geographers whose work I admire.

“I really enjoyed my time as Chair of the RGS Postgraduate Forum, it was great to develop these events and see so many people getting involved.

“It has been fantastic to be part of such a wonderful community of geographers during my studies, and I look forward to continuing to support and attend RGS events in the years to come.”

As a postgraduate student within the University’s School of Natural and Social Sciences, Aimee is researching social interaction and knowledge exchange in Countryside Stewardship Facilitation Fund groups.

These groups bring together farmers and land managers across England with the aim of improving the natural environment at a landscape level.