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Punchline talks: Professor Kamal Bechkoum

Kamal Bechkoum

​​On Friday 15 February, Professor Kamal Bechkoum, Head of School of Computing and Engineering at the University of Gloucestershire, was quizzed by Punchline-Gloucester editor Mark Owen. ​​

​They discussed the new Digital Technology Solutions Professionals​ (DTSP) degree apprenticeships being launched by the university, the issues around cyber security, nanotechnology, autonomous vehicles, and how businesses can connect and work with the university. You can listen to this interview below. ​​​ ​

​The DTSP degree apprenticeship programme will enable learners to develop core skills before they specialise in one of three pathways: Software Engineer, Network Engineer or Data Analyst. The university is also launching a new degree apprenticeship in Data Science. Apprentices will learn how to source, access and manipulate data, and use the insights they have gathered to inform and achieve organisational goals.