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Researching HR practices in the developing world

​Dr Tamer K Darwish is working on ‘Developing Human Resource Management (HRM) to enhance organisational performance in emerging markets’ – where institutional arrangements remain fragile and fluid.

His research spans several emerging countries, including India, Brunei, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Jordan, China, Brazil and Kenya, and addresses multiple industry sectors. It evaluates the incentives that encourage firms to use more developed HRM practices. ​

Tamer Darwish

Dr Darwish said:

“This comprehensive study demonstrated impact through organisational practice change and performance improvement within private and public institutions across a number of emerging markets. We have helped nations and institutions realise the significance and strategic role that HR managers, strategies, and practices can play within their organisations. And, critically, demonstrated their positive impact on productivity and overall performance. It is so gratifying to see organisation performance gains. We will continue with our work to cover more nations and extend the value of the research.” 

The research outcomes have been published in several world-leading journals, including Human Resource Management and British Journal of Management. The research has also been presented at international conferences, and through initiatives with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). 

Dr Darwish is Head of the HRM Research Centre at the University of Gloucestershire, and is an Academic Fellow of the CIPD. His research interests lie in the areas of strategic HRM, international and comparative HRM, institutions, and organisational performance.

‘Applied Business and Technology’ is one of six research priority areas​ for the University of Gloucestershire, and focuses on enhancing an organisation’s resilience to its environment, improving its internal resources’ effectiveness and good governance, and ensuring productive relationships for the benefit of its stakeholders and partners.​