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Researching Playful Streets during the Covid-19 Lockdown

This project, being undertaken in partnership with Professor Alison Stenning at Newcastle University and the grass-roots Playing Out movement, is researching how residents, of all ages, connect to the people and places on their streets when they play on them.

The study began before the coronavirus crisis but is now also seeking to find out more about this issue during the crisis, as we have seen many examples of playful acts (such as chalking, rainbow trails, dancing) on streets in recent weeks.

We want to try to understand how people feel play on their streets has changed since the lockdown started, why people get involved in playful acts on their streets, and how they feel about such playfulness on their streets.

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by Dr Wendy Russell

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Find out more about this project on the Research Relationships blog and Playing Out website.

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This research forms part of the Sport, Exercise, Health and Wellbeing research priority area.