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Student placements in health and social care

Exploring the barriers and enablers of expanding student placements for nursing and the allied health professions

The project uses a participatory approach to investigate the ways in which clinical placements for health-related disciplines can be expanded.

Together with our partners in the NHS and local government, this work will help to understand how the numbers of student learning opportunities can increase rapidly whilst maintaining the quality of the education experience in line with registration requirements and professional body policy.

The project will provide essential information to guide local and national policy and practice to support the urgent need for workforce development for public services.

This proposal draws upon the substantive expertise of the research team (in the areas of nursing, allied health professions, workforce development, new ways of working, collaborative practice, evaluation, and participatory action research) and their previous experience undertaking applied projects within the health and care community.

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By Jane Melton

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This research forms part of the Health, Life Sciences, Sport & Wellbeing research priority area.