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‘The Man Who Fell From The Sky’ − film premieres on 4 January

‘The Man Who Fell From The Sky’ is a new one-hour documentary telling the story of two stowaways who hid in the landing gear of a plane from Johannesburg to Heathrow. Tragically, one died. Amazingly, one survived (despite an 11-hour flight, temperatures of -60C, and then a perilous fall). ​​

The Executive Producer, Rich Bentley, set out to uncover who the two men were, why they resorted to such a dangerous journey, and how they got on the British Airways plane in the first place. He wanted to understand the real story behind the 2015 headlines. His five-year search is revealed in this fascinating documentary which gives a unique insight into the world of undocumented migrants.

Over several years, the film was edited by Lizzie Minnion​ (Lecturer in Film Production). Find out more about the University of Gloucestershire’s Film Production​ course on the university website.​