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The state and the vulnerable: researching ‘at risk’ groups

Group of students on top of hill overlooking Cheltenham

Research by Professor Kenny Lynch and Dr Sam Scott, at the University of Gloucestershire, has contributed to the evidence base on such vulnerable populations − improving and informing policy, practice and intervention. ​​​

Their research has focused on precarious workers, those in supported housing, and young people at risk of offending. 

Dr Sam Scott, Course Leader for Geography said:
 “I specialise in population geography and international migration. My teaching draws heavily on my research looking at low-wage workers, often migrants, in the UK and overseas. 

“My research into precarious workers has helped DLME (the UK Director of Labour Market Enforcement) to identify approaches to assess the scale and nature of non-compliance in the UK labour market. I have also contributed to debates on how to protect workers from exploitation, and on how best to meet labour shortages, in the UK agricultural sector.”

Kenny Lynch, Professor of Development & Communities said:
“Growing up on the edge of Edinburgh gave me an interest in how cities develop. Relatives working in Belgium, Italy, Nigeria, Switzerland and the USA gave me an insight into what things are like in other parts of the world. 

“I teach on our Geography, Human Geography and International Relations programmes, particularly on issues of post-conflict societies, global poverty and humanitarian responses. I’m also interested in the application of research to real world problems and in engaging undergraduates in employability-enhancing work experience. 

“My recent research includes evaluating projects that worked with young people in the UK and Sierra Leone at risk of offending. Increasing the knowledge-base on vulnerable populations has initiated and informed policy discussions and is helping educate the next generation of police/public protection professionals.”​