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The War on Women – survivor from the Bosnian War speaks at University

​The University welcomes the president of the Association of Women Victims of War and survivor of the Bosnian war Bakira Hasečić who will host a talk about the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war.

During the conflict in Bosnia-Herzegovina, between 20,000 and 50,000 women and some men were subjected to sexual violence. Exact numbers are not known, as many have remained silent about their experiences. Almost 25 years after the conflict, very few perpetrators of these crimes have been brought to justice.

The event is free and will take place on Thursday the 2 November at Francis Close Hall.
Bakira is joined by Dr Branka Antić-Štauber, President of the Women of Power organisation, who has worked with the survivors of sexual violence in Bosnia-Herzeogovina for over twenty years. She has developed innovative methods for working with survivors of these terrible of crimes.

Dr Louise Livesey is a Senior Lecturer in Criminology has helped to organise the event she said;
“The Bosnian genocide shows how ‘never again’ is a fragile idea and  giving space to women’s stories, alongside men’s, and to how Bosnia is recovering,  is important in showing why we must challenge intolerance. Working with our partners at Remembering Srebrenica means we can bring these stories to Gloucestershire.”