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Tobi Osideinde – Criminology

​​“I believe that without the University of Gloucestershire, I would not have realised my passion or potential in making such a positive difference and achieving such great goals.”

During his 3 years studying Criminology, Tobi developed a passion for making positive social change after learning about the many diverse topics covered in the course.

“The defining moment at university which shifted my motivation from 60% to 110% was the realisation of the injustices around the world. I am being honest when I say that before I studied criminology, I never truly understood and appreciated the world we live in.”

Since graduating Tobi has become a vital member of Wiltshire Police’s black, minority, ethnic (BME) advisory group, which aim to break the wall of underreporting/ underrepresentation by the BME community. He will be starting work with Avon and Somerset Constabulary as an Outreach Worker in September 2019.

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