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What does ‘training the business professionals of the future’ look like in practice?

The Business School offers a wide range of undergraduate courses, from Accountancy to Business Management and from Human Resource Management to Law. The breadth and depth of what is on offer allows students to truly focus on their areas of interest. ​

But how does the Business School make sure it trains professionals who will be needed in the future?

Dr Page, Head of the Business School, said:
“A state-of-the-art building is not enough. We are a small industry-engaged and student-centred Business School, that is able to deliver a distinctive and personalised education.

“Whilst being a leading UK business school for the quality of our teaching, we also have an international reputation for high quality industry research. We are embedded in our regional economy and ensure all our emerging professionals are exposed to their career industries from day one of their study. This leads to graduates with the skills needed now and in the future.

“But our facilities truly are state-of-the-art! We have a live trading room, a customer experience lab, and a moot court room. Students can also gain experience via our Legal Advice Clinic and student-led consultancy firm.

“Even during the recent lockdowns, prospective students have been joining virtual open days or dipping into our on-demand sessions. We look forward to welcoming our 2021 intake.”

Dr Page is a Human Resource Management and Disability researcher, specialising in welfare reform, employment law and in-work poverty. He joined the University of Gloucestershire in September 2020 to head up the Business School.

Within the Business School building, is also situated the Local Enterprise Partnership and incubator space for start-up businesses.

For more information about studying at the University of Gloucestershire visit the university website​.​