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University helped me build the confidence to find the career I wanted

​​​​​“I was researching universities while living in Canada and University of Gloucestershire was the only one that made me feel like they actually wanted me to be there.  I love how the lecturers cared so much about their students.  They were supportive and cared about our personal lives and offered extensions when I was dealing with the loss of a loved one.  I also loved how small the class was so I was able to get to know the other students well and build lasting friendships.

University helped me build the confidence I needed to find a career I wanted.  Through the university, I now have a strong portfolio to show to companies, and also the confidence to approach clients.

There are times when the workload feels overwhelming and impossible, but the university offers a lot of help.  Students should make use of the ‘helpzone’, they have been such a tremendous support for me during my time at university.

Since graduating I have mainly been working at Infocandy Animations.  I also take up other animation projects through studios like Still Moving Media or clients that want animation for their personal use.”

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