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University to showcase ActiveGames4Change programme

University of Gloucestershire will host the ActiveGames4Change UK National Seminar to provide anyone involved in youth justice with an insight into plans to implement the ambitious programme across Europe.

ActiveGames4Change, which involves staff from the University’s School of Sport and Exercise and School of Education and Humanities, is a three-year EU funded project that aims to develop social, emotional and civic competencies in young people who are in custodial or other youth justice settings. 

Experts from the two Schools designed and delivered fun, active and engaging games that develop individuals’ coping mechanisms, including anger management, teamwork, and becoming more aware of the outcomes of their potential actions.

The University’s partners on the project in Portugal, Italy, Spain, Romania, Hungary and Turkey will be hosting National Seminars in their respective countries.

Three members of the University team involved in ActiveGames4Change – Dr Adeela Shafi MBE, Associate Professor in Education; Sian Templeton, Senior Lecturer in Education Studies; Jordan Wintle, Senior Lecturer in Sports Education – are the speakers at the online-only UK National Seminar on Thursday, 26 May from 11am to 2pm.

To attend the ActiveGames4Change UK National Seminar, click on the following Microsoft Teams link:

Dr Shafi MBE said: “After three and a half years, the project is coming out of the piloting stage and we are getting ready to bring the final product to the world.

“With the data gathering and analysis nearing completion, we have completed almost all of the resources required for training in secure settings throughout Europe to implement the games successfully.

“With only a few key milestones ahead, including our International Conference launch in Brussels in June, we are putting all of our energy into ensuring the finished product is as high-quality and easy to use as possible.

“We invite anyone with an interest in youth justice to attend the National Seminar to find out more about the journey we took to get to where we are today and gain an insight into our plans to implement the project Europe wide in the near future.

“This seminar is a great opportunity for decision makers in youth justice and other secure settings to get involved in this innovative and meaningful project.

“It will also be of interest to sports academics and professions who are interested in the ways we develop the competencies and wellbeing of young people through sports and games.”

Picture: an illustrative image of the fun and engaging games delivered by the ActiveGames4Change programme