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University of Gloucestershire Achieves TIGA Accreditation

​​The University of Gloucestershire is pleased to announce that TIGA, the games industry trade association, has awarded accreditation to its Computer Games Programming and Computer Games Design courses. 

The achievement follows recent success from both courses, with significant numbers gaining employment in the games industry and a high level of graduates using their game technology skills in future employment. Recent figures show around 85% of graduates from the BSc (Hons) Computer Games Programming and the BSc (Hons) Computer Games Design were employed 6 months after leaving university. 

The courses were noted for having strong programming focus with plenty of high and low-level programming threads to prepare students for games industry careers in this field. The TIGA Accreditation Team also found that there was the right emphasis on software engineering skills, game engines and working in teams which would equip students for working on larger indie or AAA titles. It was recognised that the courses embrace the industry domains of game art and game design, covering asset creation as well as level and game design. TIGA noted that students are equipped with a broad base of skills like this would typically be well-positioned to pursue a career as an indie game developer or at a smaller game studio with smaller, less specialised teams.

Overall, the TIGA Accreditation Team was impressed by the enthusiasm, dedication and industry relevance demonstrated by the course teams. They found that the team was supportive of the direction of travel for the games’ courses at the University and recognises the challenging and relevant skills that their students are able to bring to the job marketplace upon graduation.

Dr Richard Wilson OBE, TIGA CEO, said:
“The University of Gloucestershire’s games courses demonstrate best practice in a number of areas: regular guest lecturers from industry; optional work placements; and academic partnerships with industry. Encouragingly, according to the National Student Survey, 81 per cent of students are satisfied with the courses. Congratulations to staff and students at the University of Gloucester on achieving TIGA Accreditation.”​