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University of Gloucestershire provides accommodation for NHS workers on the front line in Gloucestershire

The University of Gloucestershire is providing accommodation in Cheltenham and Gloucester to NHS staff who are unable to stay in their own homes during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Frontline NHS staff working in Gloucestershire’s hospitals and healthcare facilities are making the difficult decision to move out of their homes, to safeguard family members and those they live with who are vulnerable. Many staff also travel long distances from their home for their shifts, which are becoming ever more demanding.

Now the University of Gloucestershire is providing accommodation in unoccupied halls of residence to NHS staff on the frontline in Cheltenham and Gloucester. The move builds on a long-standing relationship with Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and a continuing alliance with the University’s School of Health and Social Care.

A spokesperson from the University of Gloucestershire said:
“In light of the national Covid-19 emergency, the University of Gloucestershire has gladly agreed to a request from our NHS partners to p​rovide accommodation to NHS staff from local hospitals. We have allocated some vacant halls of residence in Cheltenham and Gloucester for use by NHS staff over the coming weeks.

The rooms will be available for NHS staff who need to use them, for example because their homes are a lengthy commute away from the local hospitals, or because they live in a household with a people who are classed as vulnerable. The University is proud to be helping the NHS at this time of crisis”.

The University of Gloucestershire would like to thank all NHS staff and key workers around the county and the UK who are doing amazing work in the face of an impossible challenge.