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University Professor follows in famous footsteps

University of Gloucestershire Professor, Adam Hart, has been appointed as the new Vice President of the Royal Entomological Society – an organisation that has boasted Charles Darwin, Alfred Russel Wallace and David Attenborough as Fellows.

The Society is devoted to the understanding and development of insect science and supports international collaboration and research. It publishes leading journals on insect science and a series of handbooks and other guides for people needing to identify insects. It supports entomology and entomologists worldwide, as well as engaging with the public on the importance, and wonder, of insects.

In recognition of his own research and outreach aimed at increasing understanding of the insect world, Professor Hart was elected a fellow of the Society in 2008 and was made a Trustee in 2020. He chairs the Outreach Committee that oversees the annual National Insect Week, with activities taking place all over the UK during June. 

He said: “It has always been a privilege to be involved with such an old and well-established Society. I feel honoured to be taking on the role of Vice President and I am looking forward to being involved in the next steps of the Society’s journey as they approach the milestone of 200 years dedicated to insect science.”

Alongside his research and teaching, Professor Hart is a regular broadcaster for BBC Radio 4 and the BBC World Service, presenting documentaries on topics from trophy hunting to tree diseases. He has also presented the weekly science program Science in Action and two series of ‘Tooth and Claw’ for the BBC World Service. 

He is passionate about improving the reputation and understanding of insects that often get a bad press, such as wasps, spiders and flying ants, and has co-presented several television series, most notably BBC4’s Planet Ant and BBC2’s Hive Alive.