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University Shortlisted For Three Entries In the UK Green Gown Awards 2020

The university has been shortlisted into the finals with all three categories entered for the 2020 UK Green Gown Awards. The awards recognise sustainability excellence in further and higher education institutions across a range of categories and are increasingly competitive each year.

Congratulations and thank you for all the dedicated work from so many parts of the University that are behind this year’s finalists:

1. Sustainability Institution of the Year

This hotly contested category showcases institutions who are leading the way in embedding sustainability into university life on all fronts. Our entry focused on our overall achievement of reaching first place in the People and Planet League in 2019, with improvements to our environmental management system, sustainability reporting, carbon emissions reduction and biodiversity. It also shared step changes we’ve made on student experience in sustainability, including a range of course highlights, industry and community partnerships and research impact, plus the innovative Who Cares campaign led by CMSR.

We have also been shortlisted for two entries in ‘Next Generation Learning and Skills’:

2. Radical Sustainability

The university’s partnership with globally recognised green business pioneer Interface initiated by Alex Ryan and Kamal Bechkoum, which led to the 2019 Radical Sustainability masterclass and has gone on to generate new course experiences and professional learning with a diverse range of regional business partners.

3. Rounder Sense of Purpose​

The School of Education research initiative led by Paul Vare and Rick Millican, which has engaged with nine key partners from across Europe over the course of two externally funded research initiatives, to develop educators’ professional competence for teaching sustainability, including our BEd programme.

Final results will be announced in spring 2021. To find out more about all the categories and winners click here.​