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University students witness historic parliamentary speech

​​Students from the university were present in Parliament yesterday (26 November), witnessing Prime Minister Theresa May report back on the outcome of the EU’s Brexit summit.

Students studying the Criminology Master’s course at the university watched the Prime Minister address the House of Commons on the outcome of the EU’s Brexit summit, encouraging MPs to vote in favor of the deal, which was endorsed by EU leaders on Sunday.

The university had been invited to the Parliament Office of Science and Technology (POST) by Dr Sarah Bunn, who prepared a special talk on how POST’s research is prepared for Parliamentarians. Following the talk, Dr Bunn escorted the group to the House of Commons, where they observed the two-and-a-half-hour debate. According to Dr Bunn, this is the first time Parliament has hosted the University of Gloucestershire.

University Criminology lecturer, Dr Brian Frederick, said: 
“Being present in Parliament for such a historic moment was completely unexpected. Hearing the Prime Minister address top political figures about the Brexit summit really illuminated how this deal will change the future of our country. This day brought news to life for our students and it was surreal for many of them to bear witness to an event they are studying on their course.”

Parliament will decide whether to accept or reject the package next month, in a vote that will take place on 11 December.